Southern Weddings is a wonderful magazine out of North Carolina that has taken so much of the wedding world by storm! The magazine premiered earlier this year, and the team at SW has done such a great job cultivating a really devoted following of passionate readers and also connecting with photographers. I have been fond of the magazine as it is so photo-heavy; the spreads and features are gorgeous and really do place a strong emphasis on the photography. That said, I thought I would probably not get a chance to have a photo in it anytime soon seeing as how I don’t shoot many weddings in the South (though please contact me if you are planning one! My family all lives in Charlotte and Nashville now, so I have developed some real Southern roots and I would love to shoot more down there!). I was so excited when I was asked to have one of my bouquet shots included on a floral spread.

I believe you can pick up SW at Borders and Barnes & Noble in Chicago, and it is available throughout the southeast in grocery stores, Targets, etc., so certainly check it out!


Crista’s bouquet from the MCA wedding by Kehoe Designs (right side, middle row, second from right)