The happiest day of my daughter’s and my life were perfectly and sensitively captured by Olivia.  Olivia captured not just the big moments of the day, but the tiny, intimate moments that often don’t translate to photos.  Her magic shows in every frame.  When Kristen and I met Olivia at Indie Wed, I saw how drawn Kristen was to Olivia.  I told Olivia I was keeping my fingers crossed that Kristen would select her because I wanted my only child to be surrounded by vendors who would choose to not just witness the day but would be a participants in our joy filled day.  My instinct that Olivia’s optimism and warmth would be a perfect fit for Kristen and Tim proved to be true.  Every photo shows their connection, their friendship, their deep affection and love for each other.

Every bride and groom, and mother of the bride, should be so lucky to have their special day captured forever by Olivia!