On October 18, I did what might very well be the craziest thing I have ever done, and actually flew back from Florida on Sunday morning after shooting Matt and Wendy’s wedding, and then photographed this stunning New Leaf wedding the same afternoon (and yes, this was all with approval of them! I must have asked eight times if they were sure they wanted me to do this, but they insisted, and I am so very glad they did!). It was quite the whirlwind, but it all went off with no glitches, thankfully. Their day was a celebration of friends, family and food, and started with a stunning sunset ceremony at Promontory Point that showcased the gorgeous autumnal colors of the season. The reception was held at one of my favorite venues, A New Leaf. Brian is the chef de cuisine at Toplobampo, one of Rick Bayless’ restaurants here in Chicago, and the buffet was catered by Frontera Grill, featuring a range of delicious options including a roasted Gunthorp Farms pig; a three-foot paella with gulf shrimp, Prince Edward Island mussels, king crab, Spanish chorizo and chicken; beet salad with local apples; and truffle oil macaroni and cheese. Rick Bayless himself made an appearance, as you will see. Dessert was provided by the always amazing Mindy Segal of Hot Chocolate, with a bacon brittle chocolate cake, fleur de sel short breads and more. As a foodie and restaurant lover, I was so excited to share in this day for the obvious reasons, but I was even more happy to be able to get to know this amazing couple! So kind and fun, they were really a joy to work with. Many thanks also to Lisa of Parties, Etc., for coordinating their day and to the darling Sam and Ben for the referral! Enjoy the photos, some of which were also shot on film (square ones). You can also view their engagement connection session here.


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