I am loving this Ann Arbor reception! Anna and Darin kicked off my 2010 weddings with a stunning, intimate celebration in Scottsdale. They had always planned to have a large summer reception in Anna’s parents backyard, where her sister was also married, so I recently went up to Ann Arbor to shoot more of this celebration. Anna and Darin had many surprises in store for their guests, including gorgeous vintage tableware and chalkboard styling by Anna and her Mom, delicious Bell’s beer on tap, a great little presentation of their Arizona ceremony, and, of course…Anna is now pregnant! I am just so happy for them and have felt so privileged to be able to photograph them during a period when their lives have changed so much. I think so much about theoretical children when I shoot—what will a couple’s children see when they look at these images (if they are choose and/or are able to have them)? This thought informs so much of my approach to capturing couples, so it has been interesting and meaningful to photograph Anna, Darin and their families as the presence of Miss Lola (the “pregnancy name” for the baby) is already being seen. If there is one bet I would place, it would be that if Lola is anything like her mother, she will be quite the dancer.

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