I first met with Amy a few months ago, and at our initial meeting, I just knew we were the perfect match. We talked about our similar views on family and legacy, and both were excited about the possibility of working with one another. Amy also talked about how her fiance, David, whom she met in kindergarten (!), proposed at the beach around their homes in the North Shore. We decided to start there for a very, very early morning session, and I woke up in pitch darkness to make the trek up the lake. It was so stunning though—magical, peaceful, quiet, and I am always surprised by how different the shoreline is up north than down in the city.
During the consultation, Amy also mentioned how she and her fiance, David, were in the process of gutting a two-flat in Roscoe Village and turning it into their dream home. The wheels started turning in my head, and I became so interested in the idea of creating a set of images in the very beginnings of their family’s home. One of my biggest motivations in my work is children—imagining how I would like my children to see me in pictures (for me, looking beautiful, in love, and having a great, fun time). I thought it would be so neat for Amy and David to have some photographs of them inside the house in it’s rubble state, to be able to show their children as they are growing up in the home. After a quick session at the beach, we headed over to their new home and brought this to life. I was so pleased with how these came out—I would just die for a picture of my parents laughing in the house I grew up in, before I was born, a la the second to last photo.
Overall, this was one of my favourite sessions, with beautiful and unique locations and also so much personal meaning built into it. Amy and David are also just the kindest couple, and I only wish their wedding were later in 2011 so I had more time to spend with them. That said, I can’t wait for their celebration this winter at the beautiful Cafe Brauer!














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