I will be out of the studio for the next week so before leaving I wanted to share one big post. This Holy Name & Art Institute Wedding at the Modern Wing was a dream wedding to photograph—relaxed schedule, beautiful style and intense emotion. The wedding was indicative of what I think is the “classic modern” Chicago wedding—traditional in some respects but personal in many others, beautifully combining the two aesthetics into one style that to me, is quintessentially Chicago.

Erica and Tom prepared at the Trump Tower in Chicago, and makeup and dressing started with some tears, as Erica put on her wedding gown and fur and necklace from her grandmother. We had a beautiful sunny day, such a rarity for the winter (well, most years!), and their first look was equally emotional and beautiful. After portraits around town we headed to Holy Name, one of the most historic and beautiful churches in the city. I find moments with fathers are what get me the most—I am usually pretty good about not dissolving into a teary puddle, but time with the bride and her dad really make the tears well up as I think about my own beloved pops and our relationship. At the church, Erica and her father prepared to walk down the aisle and the tears began to flow—thankfully her dad was prepared with a handkerchief, which he used to dry her tears before the aisle and as they walked down the aisle, stopping midway to take a breath! I found this to be such a beautiful and special moment—one that I will certainly always remember.

A reception followed at one of my favorite venues, the Art Institute, for what was my sixth (!) time shooting there. Tom and his mom danced the most fabulous dance that completely had me inspired to take dance classes, and Erica and her father did a routine with umbrellas choreographed to “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

chicago-wedding-trump-chicago trump-chicago-wedding2 trump-chicago-wedding-prep emotional-chicago-wedding-photos21 beautiful-wedding-dress-chicaog vintage-fur-coat-wedding-trump-chicago artistic-chicago-wedding-photos emotional-chicago-wedding-photos trump-chicago-first-look21 artistic-chicago-wedding-photographer31 unique-chicago-wedding-photos relaxed-chicago-wedding-photos downtown-chicago-wedding downtown-chicago-wedding-photos chicago-wedding-portraits urban-chicago-wedding-portraits urban-chicago-wedding-photos1 artistic-chicago-wedding-portraits beautiful-chicago-wedding-photos1 candid-chicago-wedding holy-name-chicago-wedding5 emotional-wedding-photography-chicago sweet-father-daughter-wedding-moments holy-name-chicago-wedding4 holy-name-chicago-wedding wedding-ceremony-at-holy-name-chicago candid-chicago-wedding-photos holy-name-chicago-wedding-ceremony wedding-ceremony-at-holy-name wedding-at-holy-name black-and-white-chicago-wedding-photos holy-name-chicago-wedding2 chicago-winter-wedding-downtown1 chicago-winter-wedding-photos wedding-at-the-art-institute art-institute-of-chicago-wedding-photos6 wedding-at-the-art-institute-of-chicago art-institute-wedding2 palmer-house-hilton-wedding-photos candid-chicago-wedding-photography terzo-piano-wedding-terrace-at-night moustache-wedding-mugs terzo-piano-wedding terzo-piano-wedding-reception6 photojournalistic-chicago-wedding-photographer wedding-reception-at-terzo-piano terzo-piano-wedding-reception11 modern-wing-chicago-wedding-reception terzo-piano-wedding-dancing modern-wing-wedding-reception2 terzo-piano-wedding-reception21 terzo-piano-wedding-reception2 art-institute-wedding1 art-institute-wedding-terrace-photos

Church: Holy Name Cathedral | Venue: Terzo Piano at the Art Institute | Florals: Petal Play Designs