One thing I haven’t blogged much of this year has been engagement sessions. But I have done a multitude of them! My year was a little unusual this year insofar as it was very front-loaded versus most years where my fall is much busier, so I’m actually already in the home stretch of weddings whereas normally I’d be right in the middle. As such, this means I am looking forward to sharing tons of work this fall, with probably about 15-20 shoots I would love to share!

With that said, I recently did an engagement for the lovely Aiasha and Charles and thought I would share some of their photos. Aiasha and Charles are another of my couples from the UK; I think I have about six this year, all without any connection to each other. Aiasha flew over to Chicago for two weeks to spend time with Charles, do our shoot and work on their wedding plans for next year. They requested an anonymous urban engagement shoot – one of my favorite types of sessions to do, ones in which the backgrounds are unmistakably city, but feel spontaneous and unplanned. I loved the locations we stumbled upon, especially that jungle wall that I had always wanted to shoot at but which almost always has a gate that is locked.

Many thanks too to my past client Anni for letting us use her roof for a few photos!

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