This Prairie Production wedding actually began several years ago, when I met Jenna in a salsa dancing class. In the years since, she and Phil have left Chicago and relocated to San Francisco, but decided to return to the city where they fell in love for their wedding celebration. The wedding day was my first time meeting Phil, and he proved to be such a wonderful complement to her. Together, they have a relaxed and fun but understated way to them, attributes that their wedding reflected. Planning the wedding from SF, Jenna and Phil put a lot of trust in us for the portrait time in regard to locations and gave us free reign. My assistant Casey and I drove around to some of our favorite places with just the two of them, striving to get the mix of downtown with artistic/urban feel that they were hoping for. We then joined their wonderful family and friends at their great venue, Prairie Production, for more portraits and a relaxed ceremony and reception. Prairie Production is always one of my favorite venues, with everything all in one place and the beautiful windows and white walls creating a soft-box effect for the photos.

I loved being a part of this couple’s day and was really pleased with the photos we were able to create. I hope you enjoy them as well! Many thanks also to Casey Winkleman who took the beautiful wedding entrance shot below and the great Sally Collar of Liven It Up Events who did a great job coordinating.

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Venue: Prairie Production | Coordinator: Sally from Liven It Up Events