Laura and Greg’s Chicago botanic gardens wedding started with them texting each other about their excitement and anticipation for the day and ended with a serenade by Greg, groomsmen and friends. My favorite thing about their celebration was this deep connection between the two of them that lasted throughout the day—at some weddings, the bride and groom spend a lot of time apart (which is totally fine!), but Laura and Greg were truly connected throughout the day, even when they physically weren’t in the same place. I loved watching Laura throughout the day as her authenticity and love just radiated from her—I know that sounds very hippy-dippy but it was so true. In many of the photos below, you can just see in the way she hugged and looked at people that it was more than just “a hug” or “a look,” something I don’t see that often and which was really beautiful to capture and watch. Another little favorite moment from this celebration was a little hiccup with the veil. While we were all on the trolley to the venue, Laura removed her veil and sat it on a seat on the trolley. Driving down the road, the wind picked up through the open windows, and next thing we knew, the veil flew out the window onto one of the busiest streets in the north shore. Her brother and a groomsmen ended up putting their collegiate sports training to good use, booking it down the street to get the veil before it was destroyed. 🙂 I know many people hope for a totally “perfect” wedding day, but I actually love these mini snafus that happen at most weddings as it really makes for the perfect story to tell years from now.

Laura and Greg’s wedding plans had several unexpected hiccups along the way, but their day served as a great reminder that, in the end, everything really does come together—and in their case, in a beautiful fashion. They held a ceremony at a small church in Evanston and then a truly gorgeous reception at the English walled garden and McGinley Pavilion at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. The day was beautifully and effortlessly coordinated by my good friend Lauren at LK Events and Nicole at Fleur Couture did a stunning job on the decor. Becca Kaufman kept the party going and my wonderful second photographer Jacqueline Barkley did a gorgeous job and contributed several of the images below. Thanks to all!

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Venue: McGinley Pavilion at the Chicago Botanic Gardens | Coordinator: Lauren of LK Events | Florist: Fleur Couture | Band: Becca Kaufman Orchestra