Having celebrated the fifth anniversary of my business this year, I tend to only shoot at a “new” venue a handful of times a year. Roksy and Jon’s Rockefeller Chapel ceremony and Trump Hotel Chicago wedding afforded me the chance to simultaneously be able to shoot at two very popular and well-known locations in Chicago that I somehow hadn’t previously. While shooting at locations I’ve worked at a dozen times has its benefits, I relish the opportunity to shoot at a new venue and to have an experience where I can completely see the day with fresh eyes. I especially adored the mixture of these two venues, as the Gothic architecture and lush greenery at University of Chicago has long made it one of my favorite places in the city, and paired with the downtown and urban feel of the Trump, created a really balanced and dynamic flow to both the day and their photos.

Roksy and Jon also hired me for a longer period of the day than I usually do, allowing me to photograph both the guys and girls preparing. It was really wonderful to see and capture their mirrored reactions to their cards to one another, with the tears in the morning setting the stage for all the emotion that would come throughout the day.  Jon’s reaction to Roksy walking down the aisle at the magnificent church was incredibly powerful, as well, and the reception offered more glimpses of tears, huge laughs and a few face-palms of embarrassment. 🙂 I had a wonderful time working with this couple from their beautiful shoot in Central Park in NYC in the spring through the literal fireworks at the end of their wedding. I also thought I would post a little snippet of the email I got from Roksy and Jon after sending their slideshow. Getting this type of feedback is my favorite part of my job.

“We don’t know where to begin. When we first watched the slideshow, both of us were speechless and I may have shed a tear or two. Seeing this slideshow let us relive the day – so many memories came flooding in with each image. You captured every smile and every tear in a beautiful way. We are absolutely blown away with how gorgeous all of these photos are. Thank you for putting our day in such great light and style. We could not be happier with the photos and we are incredibly lucky to have found you for our day”

trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-photos-8001 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-photos-8003 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-photos-8002 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-photos trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-photos-8036 emotional-chicago-wedding-photographer trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-photos-8023 trump-chicago-wedding-photos1 trump-chicago-wedding-photos9 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-photos-8048 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-photos-8050 documentary-chicago-wedding-photographer artistic-chicago-wedding-photography-trump-hotel rockefeller-chapel-chicago-wedding-ceremony-80731 rockefeller-chapel-chicago-wedding-ceremony-8072 rockefeller-chapel-chicago-wedding-ceremony-8074 rockefeller-chapel-chicago-wedding-ceremony-8092 rockefeller-chapel-chicago-wedding-ceremony-8082 rockefeller-chapel-wedding-photos rockefeller-chapel-chicago-wedding-ceremony-8100 rockefeller-chapel-chicago-wedding-ceremony-8102 rockefeller-chapel-chicago-wedding-ceremony-8112 rockefeller-chapel-chicago-wedding-ceremony-8135 university-of-chicago-wedding-portraits rockefeller-chapel-chicago-wedding-ceremony-8117 university-of-chicago-wedding-photos-718x332 rockefeller-chapel-chicago-wedding-ceremony-81181 rockefeller-chapel-chicago-wedding-ceremony-81422 urban-chicago-wedding-photos-8147 urban-chicago-wedding-photos-8156 urban-chicago-wedding-photos-8158 aritstic-chicago-wedding-photos-718x332 artistic-chicago-wedding-photographer1 urban-chicago-wedding-photos-8160 trump-hotel-wedding-photos artistic-chicago-wedding-photos1 chicago-trump-hotel-wedding-portraits trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-reception-photos-8167 russian-nesting-dolls-wedding-favor roksy-jon-trump-hotel-chicago-reception trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-reception-photos-8229 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-reception-photos-8206 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-reception3 trump-chicago-hotel-reception3 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-reception-photos-8203 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-reception-photos-8223 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-reception-photos-8224 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-reception-photos-8244 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-reception-photos-8294 trump-tower-chicago-hotel-wedding1-718x535 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-reception-photos-8252 trump-tower-chicago-wedding-reception-718x332 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-reception-photos-8274 documentary-chicago-wedding-photographer3 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-reception-photos-8280 trump-tower-chicago-reception trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-reception-photos-8306 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-reception-photos-8298 trump-hotel-wedding-reception chicago-fireworks-wedding-photos trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-reception-photos-82781 trump-hotel-chicago-wedding-reception-photos-8307

Hotel + Reception Venue: Trump Hotel Chicago | Church: Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago | Floral: Richard Remiard | Cake: Cake | Video: Studio 272 | Assistant: Jacqueline Barkley | Band: Chicago Groove Collective