I really enjoy weddings where couples are able to merge different aesthetics and create a wedding that brings it all together. Emily and Ben had a gorgeous Galleria Marchetti wedding that did just that. On one hand, it was rustic and vintage, with tones of white, green and gold; on the other, they brought in a modern touch with super chic black shift dresses for the bridesmaids, Tom Ford shoes, and a sleek column gown for Emily. It was sophisticated in feel and included a beautifully heartfelt ceremony, but the evening became of the most epic dance parties I photographed this year. The celebration felt quintessentially Chicago with the location downtown at the same space where they first met, but Emily also brought in elements from her home state of Pennsylvania, including a Pittsburgh tradition of friends and family making cookies for a dessert table, and the music from the John Parker Band.

This band, you guys. I don’t usually do a vendor gush during a post about a wedding, but I would be remiss if I didn’t do a little raving about this band. They. Were. Epic! When I heard Emily and Ben were bringing in a band all the way from Pennsylvania, I was pretty surprised. I’m sure a Chicago band would suffice, I thought. But this band! I have never seen anything like them, and I have never seen a crowd of all ages as into a band as the guests at the wedding were. Let’s just say it involved a jazzy rendition of “Baby Got Back,” as well as a keytar. Someone please hire them to come back to Chicago and hire me to shoot it, because it’s impossible to not have a great time with this band!

Aside from the band, it was just a spectacularly lovely day, with sweet moments sprinkled throughout. I loved Emily running into a guest in the elevator after preparing, and her mother’s tradition of lip syncing to “New York, New York,” made for a wonderfully fun element of the reception. A huge thank you to the couple for also rolling with the punches! We originally had about an hour and a half scheduled for portraits, but due to transportation snafus, ended up with about 15 minutes before the wedding and 5 minutes after. All worked out, and it was a great day.

Many thanks to Casey Winkleman for assisting, Meghan Andalman of Lovebird Events for coordinating and the girls of Hello Darling for the beautiful blooms!

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