Lori is the sister of one of my favorite couples from last year, and I was so thrilled when her darling mother called me up about photographing Lori’s wedding to Josh next June. Their entire family is so sweet, with her parents even coming down to help celebrate my business’s 5th anniversary, and I am always so excited to be asked back for another celebration. I love doing family weddings as the familiarity that builds after just one makes the next wedding so much more relaxed and comfortable from a photographer’s perspective. Lori and Josh now live in Iowa and drove in one after last month for their shoot. They gave me total freedom with locations, just wanting something involving water and perhaps some fall colors. I decided to make the trek down to my favorite place in the city, Promontory Point.

I was actually recently interviewed by BRIDES magazine about my favorite venues in Chicago and I said that if I were to marry in the city, I would hands down be married at Promontory Point. It is such a special place—intimate and relaxed, with a hidden gem quality to those outside of Hyde Park. In October, I really don’t think there is anywhere in the city that has more spectacular fall colors. I had such a nice time with this sweet couple, learning more about their Great Dane, getting educated on country music, and learning that a Dirty Dancing lift is a lot more complicated than it seems. 🙂

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