I hope everyone has been having a wonderful holiday season! My workload is finally winding down, and I am looking forward to going back and posting so many more events from the year (I think I’ve only blogged about 15% of what I’ve shot!). Today, I wanted to share this relaxed, urban Chicago engagement session I shot for Ivana and Kevin, who were married this past weekend. They had a sweet Persian-influenced ceremony in her parents’ living room and a reception at perhaps the most awe-inspiring venue I’ve ever been to. Let’s just say that if your wedding reception includes a working french carousel, your guests will probably have a great time. 🙂  Ivana and Kevin met in LA, lived in the East Coast, and recently moved back to Chicago to start a family. A few weeks before their wedding, we went out around my studio to do their engagement session, doing an urban look as a bit of an homage to their time in NYC. They are just the cutest and kindest couple, and I’ve had very few brides that were quite as laid-back as Ivana. Seems unfair to be so lovely and also so good looking! We had a wonderful time, and I can’t wait to share photos from their celebration soon.

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