I was pulling images for a 2012 year-in-review post I’ll be putting up next week and I realized I posted almost nothing from New York, despite shooting out there about five times! I love shooting in New York and its a bit of a second home for me as so many of my clients live out there. New York destination engagement sessions have a totally different spirit than all the ones here. In Chicago, I find that there are certain locations that are “go-tos” that couples tend to lean toward, but in NYC, the shoots tend to be more a reflection of the couple, their interests and their own neighborhood, which I just love. Every shoot I did there last year felt totally unique and very personal to the couple and who they are. Lillian and Josh in particular really wanted a shoot that reflected them, and I had a great time going to one of their favorite delis for egg creams and even capturing them just buying their coffee at Zabar’s. We also went to Lincoln Center as Lillian loves dance, and I loved her vintage inspired dress that really lent such a classic and fun look to the shoot. These two are so stinking cute together and just the most fun – I am so so excited for their wedding in just a few months!

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