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I first met Caitlin and Michael at Indie Wed two years ago, and immediately after they walked away from the booth, I began secreting that they would hire me. I just adored them on first meeting and knew we were a perfect fit. I was saddened as time went by, but suddenly, over a year later, I received an email asking if I remembered them. “Of course!” I said. We had a meeting set up a week or so later, where I learned more about their Cafe Brauer wedding and the lovely and intimate event they were planning at their dream venue. I was immediately struck by their grace, kindness, and the obvious connection and love between them. I was so happy to be asked to be a part of their day; it was one of my favorites of the year as it was truly about them and their friends and family, all of whom had such a wonderful relationship.

I wish I could go into all the details of why and how this couple is so amazing, but just trust that they are and I teared up more than once, and I just loved all the little moments during the day, from Caitlin becoming overcome with emotion before seeing Michael to the incredible relationships between Caitlin and her siblings, from the fathers’ “Gangnam Style” dance-off to some of the sweetest toasts I have heard.

Despite all the rain on their day, it was one of the warmest weddings of the year, and such a treat to photograph. <3

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Ceremony + Reception: Cafe Brauer | Florist: Kloeckner Preferred Flowers | Assistant: Jacqueline Barkley | Cake: Lutz Continental Cafe & Pastry | Music: Toast & Jam