I was exceptionally lucky to be able to go to France this summer. Summer trips are always a bit stressful in the height of the season, and I almost decided not to go. I was so happy I did, though, as the trip was just what I needed—a chance to get inspired again before the fall rush. I am certainly not the first person to wax poetically about France, but there really is just something so special about it. I love the way I feel in France, I love all the sights and sounds, the food and the energy of the city. France is like a dream, that is somehow real, it is boggles my mind every time I go. I was particularly inspired on this trip by many color patterns I found repeating throughout Paris and Provence. There were greens and golds almost everywhere I looked, from green algae in the dimly lit catacombs to streetlights shining on papered-up shop windows to the iconic pastels of the shutters in little towns in the south. It was very inspiring and I am hoping to return for some more extended time next year, hopefully to do some painting this time. (PS – Interested in hiring me for a Paris Engagement session, like this one I did last year? Please get in touch as there is really no where better in the world to shoot! 🙂 )

Below is a little snippet of some photos I took on my trip. I try not to take too too many when traveling, instead preferring to just experience. I love to shoot my personal photos on film as it feels so much more like pleasure than work, a little Christmas present when I get the scans back and see what I shot. And, of course, there is nothing that can really capture the colors of France like the watercolor-y tones of film!

Personal work from Paris, Provence—Avignon, Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, Chateauneuf du Pape – and Nice. Shot on a Contax 645 and a Lomo LC-A. September 2013

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