Planning an Art Institute wedding? If so, congratulations! The Art Institute and its beautiful spaces like Griffin Court, Terzo Piano, the Modern Wing, and McKinlock Court, combine to make for my favorite venue in the city of Chicago. Many people stumble upon this, my first Art Institute of Chicago wedding, but please consider checking out many recent Modern Wing weddings to see how others have used the space! Erica + Tom, church + Terzo Piano reception | Erik + Katie, Griffin Court ceremony + Modern Wing art institute reception | Cassidy + Adam, Griffin Court ceremony + Terzo Piano reception | Katy + Alex, church + Modern Wing reception |  Kristen + Scott, church + Terzo Piano reception

Chrissy and Sudhir were married at the end of December in what was a typical winter Chicago day—gray, slushy and cold! But despite the weather, they had one of my favourite weddings of the year, an elegant but relaxed celebration at the brand new Modern Wing at the Art Institute. This space is such a stunner, and made a gorgeous showcase of Chicago for their incredibly sweet friends and family who came from around the world to celebrate their wedding. I am photographing another wedding there in September and can’t wait to see how different the space will be in the warmer months, with guests taking advantage of the gorgeous terrace and bridge (where we took a few portraits below).

Regarding the portraits below, I think we wedding photographers talk a lot about getting our clients to trust us. It is so critical to getting great portraits—having that connection and trust. But I think we—or I, at least—forget that sometimes we also have to trust our clients! Chrissy and Sudhir gave me little direction about where to do the portraits of them, telling me they trusted me, and saying they liked the industrial photos they’d seen in my portfolio before. Couples occassionally tell me to “do whatever I want,” but I think it can be really hard to trust that they really mean “whatever!” and not “whatever…by which we mean photos on Michigan Avenue.” Since it was my last wedding of the year, I decided to just go with it, to try to push it a little, and I could not be more happy with the results. These are my favourite type of pictures to take, and I hope it shows.


modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-103 modern-wing-chicago-wedding-chrissy-swissotel artistic-romantic-chicago-wedding-photos-chrissy-swissotel modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-115 modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-117 unique-artistic-chicago-wedding-photos-downtown nontraditional-chicago-wedding-photos-modern-wing-wedding-couple creative-chicago-wedding-photos-modern-wing-wedding-couple artistic-chicago-wedding-photos-modern-wing-wedding-couple modern-wing-chicago-art-institute-wedding-couple-photos artistic-chicago-wedding-photographer-modern-wing-wedding-couple artistic-industrial-wedding-photos-modern-wing-couple-photos modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-135 modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-140 chicago-rooftop-wedding-photos-westloop-modern-wing chicago-black-and-white-film-wedding-photography-modern-wing modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-145 industrial-wedding-photos-rocks-wedding-cape-modern-wing modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-149 modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-154 publican-chicago-photos-modern-wing-wedding-photos-2 publican-chicago-photos-modern-wing-wedding-photos publican-chicago-photos-modern-wing-wedding-photos-3 modern-wing-chicago-wedding-photos modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-160 modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-162 modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-174 modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-180 modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-178 modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-170 cute-wedding-kids-outfits apple-wedding-decor modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-green-orange-wedding-details modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-193 modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-195 modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-198 modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-214 modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-213 modern-wing-art-institute-wedding-photos-downtown-chicago modern-wing-art-institute-chicago-wedding-photos-sudhir-and-chrissy-205

Thanks to all the vendors! Hair and Makeup: Krystyn & Samara of Bridal Beauty Chicago | Flowergirl, ring bearer accessories (so cute!): my oh-so-talented past client, Julie Booma | Bridal jewelry: also by Julie, through Poesi jewelry | Venue: Modern Wing/Terzo Piano at the Art Institute of Chicago