Barb (Mother of the Bride)

The happiest day of my daughter’s and my life were perfectly and sensitively captured by Olivia.  Olivia captured not just the big moments of the day, but the tiny, intimate moments that often don’t translate to photos.  Her magic shows in every frame.  When Kristen and I met Olivia at Indie Wed, I saw how drawn Kristen was to Olivia.  I told Olivia I was keeping my fingers crossed that Kristen would select her because I wanted my only child to be surrounded by vendors who would choose to not just witness the day but would be a participants in our joy filled day.  My instinct that Olivia’s optimism and warmth would be a perfect fit for Kristen and Tim proved to be true.  Every photo shows their connection, their friendship, their deep affection and love for each other.

Every bride and groom, and mother of the bride, should be so lucky to have their special day captured forever by Olivia!kristentim-7141

Sarah & Andy

We are so lucky to have benefited from Olivia’s impeccable professionalism and natural talent.  Not only that, we will always remember how easy and comfortable Olivia made the entire experience for us – from the initial Skype conversation (we were planning our Chicago wedding from Los Angeles) and the engagement photo session out in LA, to the day of our wedding and the wedding album process.  She took the time to understand us as individuals and as a couple, and the photos captured who we really are, rather than what a photographer thinks an engaged/marrying couple should look like.  She can work with any backdrop, time constraints, and personalities to produce amazing artwork.  On the day of the wedding, Olivia was incredibly attentive and thoughtful – I felt like I had a sixth bridesmaid! We could not have imagined more beautiful photos to capture this wonderful time in our lives and we are so grateful that we got to work with someone who truly understands the needs and wants of her clients.


Jen + Steve


We can’t thank you enough for being part of our big day! Starting with the day we first met you, to the day of the wedding and working with you on the final albums and prints, we have loved every single second of working with you!

When we first got engaged and set a date for the wedding, choosing a photographer was on top of our to-do list. We knew that finding the right photographer was such an integral part of the wedding and we were not willing to compromise for mediocrity. These were photos that we would have forever and we needed the right person to help us capture the day. We did lots of research and interviewed other photographers. Other photographers were nice and had lovely photos, but we weren’t sold. The minute we met you, we knew we had found our gal! Not only do you do an incredible job of photographing the special moments and beautiful details, we just loved you as a person. You are so easy to talk to and get along with. It was like you were our friend for years. It was that quality that made us love you even more and want to work with you. You understood us and who we were and when a photographer can connect with their subjects like that, well you can’t ask for more!

The photographs you took are truly beautiful. You did such a great job of capturing the entire day. From the detailed photos of us getting ready and the ceremony and reception décor, to our first look and goofing off with our bridal party, you caught it all! The way you can capture the full range of emotions through your photos is astounding. Any person off the street could pick up our wedding photo album and be able to tell our entire story through the photos. You are truly talented!

We also want to thank you for being so easy to work with! You are always quick with emails and responding to our endless questions and requests. Whatever we needed, you made it work. You made this whole process easy and fun! We love bragging about our wedding photographer and would recommend you to everyone who is in need!

Thank you again for being the best!

Jen & Steve

jensteve-w-3879 copy

Meagan + Nick

Olivia shot both an engagement session and our October 2009 wedding in Illinois. I can’t begin to say how professional she is with both her working relationships and her of course her artwork. She has an amazing eye and captures such wonderful moments between couples. And she is very creative and spontaneous which makes for a great photographer…on our wedding day it rained most of the time, but she was able to get some outside shots that are incredible and unique.  The old adage that reads “a picture is worth a thousand words” was definitely meant to describe Olivia’s work, her photographs truly tell a story and the two albums she created for us are beyond words. I can’t wait to work with Olivia again for the next big moments in our lives.

{Update: I was so lucky to have Nick & Meag hire me to photograph their new family in Denver in fall 2013 as seen below!}

nickmeagan-5079b copy

Emily + Daniel

Hi Olivia,
Wow.  It’s hard to know where to begin with this one.  I don’t think we could have prepared for what we felt last night watching the slideshow for the first time.  We hired you because even though we didn’t know a lot about photography, we knew that every time we looked at your photos we had an emotional response to them.  But seeing these photos – with the emotions on our faces and those of the people we love the most – was truly incredible.  They exceeded every expectation I may have secretly had, just because I think you’re so amazing at what you do.  We cried, we laughed, we cried more… we sent it around to our family and friends and received responses like “WOW” “WOWWW” and our favorite “WOWWWWWWWWWWWW” (from Daniel’s dad). Hiring you was the best decision we made for our wedding. We are so grateful.


Emily + Matt

Olivia was incredibly easy to work with, so encouraging, and just as sweet as can be. My husband and I had never had a formal photo shoot before, so we were a bit nervous and awkward at first – but right away, Olivia made us feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. She had such creative ideas for photos and incorporated them perfectly into our overall photography plan. At one point, she noticed a field of wheat that seemed to glow in the sunlight, and we immediately headed over to capture a few photos with that as a backdrop. She was observant, patient, creative, and fun – everything you’d want in a wedding photographer.

My entire family, wedding party, and guests absolutely adored Olivia. In fact, several out-of-town guests told me they wanted to fly Olivia out to their own wedding some day! She knew when to blend into the background and when to interact with the guests, making them laugh or prompting some hilarious poses.

And the photos! Oh, the photos. I wish I could use each and every one in my wedding album. They capture the mood of the day perfectly, and are simply stunning. The colors and lighting are breathtaking – especially those taken during our outdoor ceremony (at the Morton Arboretum) – and the variety is amazing. Some photos have a romantic, vintage vibe (during our “first look”), some are bright and clear (such as our family portraits), while others show the energy, joy, and hilarity that took place on the dance floor! I’ll cherish all of these photos forever.

Finally, my experience working with Olivia before the wedding because it was so positive and stress-free. Leading up to the big day, I had several conversations with her over the phone and through email. We were planning our Chicago wedding all the way from North Carolina, but there was never any confusion while working with her. We went over every single detail, and if I ever had a question (no matter how silly), Olivia would patiently explain or help me come up with a perfect vision and plan for the wedding photography. Plus, I simply enjoyed talking on the phone with her – her cheerful, sunny, and laid-back nature was much appreciated by this stressed out bride!


Roksy + Jon

We don’t know where to begin. When we first watched the slideshow, both of us were speechless and I may have shed a tear or two. Seeing this slideshow let us relive the day – so many memories came flooding in with each image. You captured every smile and every tear in a beautiful way. We are absolutely blown away with how gorgeous all of these photos are. Thank you for putting our day in such great light and style. We could not be happier with the photos and we are incredibly lucky to have found you for our day.roksyjon-w-8206 copy

Lauren + Jeff

My husband and I knew immediately after meeting Olivia that she was exactly the person we wanted to have by our side to capture all the moments of our engagement and wedding day. She is extremely sincere and intuitive and passionate about her work, and that made it so easy for us to put all of our trust in her. When we started receiving sneak peeks of our photos right after the big day, it felt like the most wonderful present of all. We laughed, we cried, we pressed repeat. We were completely blown away by Olivia’s work– it was beyond our wildest expectations. Olivia has a magical ability to capture the very real emotions and moments that you never want to forget and because of her vision, we will be able to keep these very special memories forever.


Brandi + Bob

Choosing a photographer for our special day was one of the hardest decisions we had to make during the wedding planning process – the photos will be cherished for the rest of our lives and we wanted to make sure we got it right.  We really got it right with Olivia!  We are so thrilled with the outcome.

From the onset, Olivia was so easy to work with and very thoughtful.  She took the time to get to know us as a couple prior to our shoot which made us feel at ease.  It also says a lot about her character and her desire to really focus on what’s important to the couple.   Throughout the wedding day, Olivia was full of creative ideas for shots which really helped build a varied and beautiful portfolio.   She was considerate, patient (what with all of the family members, wedding party, etc., to capture!), and a ton of fun to work with.  She’s got an ease about her that we really appreciated.  When we received the photos, we were overwhelmed at how beautiful they were.  Many of our friends and family said that they were the most beautiful photos they’d ever seen.  We agree. She really did manage to capture the emotions and essence of the day – she’s got an amazing eye and her talent really shows through in the stunning photos.  We’ll be recommending Olivia to all of our friends that are planning their weddings.  She rocks!

52-ivy-room-chicago-wedding copy

Carolyn + Brian

I knew before our meeting that I wanted to hire you to shoot our wedding, but I had no idea Brian’s vision of our wedding photography was so different from mine! You never flinched and assured us that you would be able to mix both of our ideas, and after our engagement pictures I knew you knew exactly what we were looking for. We received the perfect mix of urban and romantic, and we found ourselves very comfortable working with you.

Fast forward to our wedding photos that we received last week…they literally took my breath away. You have a unique eye for special details that separates your work from the bulk of Chicago’s photographers. We got, of course, all of the traditional shots, but so many things I would never have thought to document you did, and the final product was just out of this world. Most of all, though, we had fun with you! You never felt like a stranger capturing intimate moments, but more like a friend we’ve gotten to know over the 18 months we were engaged. Thank you so much for everything you did. We cannot wait to fill our home with all of the gorgeous photographs you took!


Kristin + Ted

Olivia Leigh is hands down the best wedding photographer in the business. Not only was I blown away at how gorgeous the photos were, she is extremely professional and I trusted her completely (which is hard for a type A person like me!). The way her photographs catch the light…just breathtaking. She is so great to work with, and makes you look like a natural in front of the camera. She listens to what you want, and delivers, above and beyond your wildest dreams. Your wedding photos last forever…it is so important to hire someone you love, and someone whose images you love!  I looked at several photographers, and I could not be more thrilled that I chose Olivia as my wedding photographer.

saint-james-chapel-wedding-photos-chicago-6122 copy-2

Mike + Kara

Hi Olivia,

I just got my first glimpse of your absolutely stunning pictures. In just that small sampling, you captured all the fun and emotion of the experience. Your attention to detail and all around lovely energy about you made our day that much better. I look forward to seeing the rest of your fabulous work. (Wow, I must be overwhelmed because I rarely use that many adjectives!).

PS – The photo with the Good Humor truck rocks – my friend said even if he didn’t know me, he would purchase that at a gallery for his wall.