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Why weddings? I get asked this question often: why do I chose to photograph weddings when many other genres of photography exist?

Several years ago, my best friend passed away suddenly, and the gatherings in the weeks that followed reinforced to me how important photography is in telling the story of our personal legacy. Friends sat around a living room drinking wine and beers, laughing at photos of him at college, dancing with a girl at prom, reminiscing about nights at the bowling alley together -- photos are the tangible way that capture who people are, and weddings are the occasion when more of your people will be present than any other day in your life. I treat a wedding as a special opportunity and responsibility to add to the photographic collection of each of your guests’ -- and especially the couple and families’ -- personal legacies.

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With over 14 years and hundreds of weddings under our belt, myself and my team have the experience to handle any situation. Whether dealing with Chicago's notoriously unpredictable weather, complex family dynamics, or even last-minute parades taking place outside the wedding venue, we've encountered just about every situation imaginable and have the experience to know how to adjust to ensure every couple receives a consistent final portfolio.

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Many people remark on how happy, joyful, and natural people look in our photographs. While this largely comes from being fortunate to have happy, joyful people hire me, I also try to bring an enjoyable, joyful approach to the day. Having been active in the Chicago improv and sketch comedy scene for many years, I use this unique experience to put people at ease and make them comfortable in front of the camera.


photos by louie Abellera, Kate Headley, meg Walsh, and Amanda Megan miller


Olivia Leigh Photographie is, whole-heartedly, an inclusive wedding photography studio. We believe all couples deserve to feel comfortable and at ease on their wedding day. Olivia is thrilled to work with couples of all races, gender identities, orientations, sizes, religious backgrounds, abilities, and family makeups.